Why do I limit listening time to 3 hours?

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Why do I limit listening time to 3 hours?

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Yes, there is a time-limit on how long you can spend listening to Park Magic Radio. BUT... read on...

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people out there who do nothing all day but go around trying to find stations that they can "relay" or capture for their own purposes. This, naturally is frowned upon by myself and others who don't want these people to copy all our content that we worked so hard to acquire. Cutting the music off after 3 hours will interrupt the stream and the bandit's stream will be incomplete.

This is simply a safeguard to prevent perpetual connections and audio capture. If you want to keep listening after the 3 hour limit, just click the "Listen" link again and you can listen for up to another 3 hours. In the pop-up player, there is a timer that shows you how long you've been listening.

My station setup also does not allow relaying, so that is just another layer of safeguarding the music. However, this will not prevent people from stealing my streaming content.

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