Tell me where you heard about Park Magic Radio and a little about yourself.
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Some of you know me, most of you do not. If you know me, you will know that yes, I'm THAT Dan Smith, who used to hang out on the Disney audio newsgroups, sharing my recorded tracks with others many, many years ago.

Though those days are mostly gone in favour of modern methods of sharing stuff on the Internet, several of my tracks can be heard on other sites, which I am grateful for. I'm glad that some people think my recordings are that good to post to other online locations. You're on the site where all of those tracks originated!

I started this hobby over 15 years ago and since then my interest has grown substantially and the sound quality has increased dramatically. When I first started, the audio recording was horrible. Check out "Legend of the Lion King" recording by me. You'll see what I mean. Right after that, go listen to something of mine that was recorded in the last few years and you will instantly notice how different and better it sounds.

I was due to go to Tokyo in March 2020, but COVID-19 came along and told me I couldn't go. I'd be there this week, as I write this. Since I am not there I can't provide you with any live recordings of Tokyo Disneyland attractions. One of these days, I'll get to Japan and have more time than the one-day I had planned at DisneySea. On that note one day I'd like to get to Shanghai and Paris to visit the parks there. Soon there will be many more live tracks to hear.

I'm interested to know about you. Please post a reply or a new message in this forum and introduce yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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